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Exclusive for Forest River Dealers!

The Forest River Consumer Credit Card Program

CR Credit Card

If you're a Forest River dealer, please be sure to enroll today at:

This is a great program to assist with sales & customer service. Consumers can use the card to purchase different products such as: utility/cargo trailers, non-motorized RVs, parts, accessories and even service repair bills.


Upcoming Events

Come visit us at the following shows:


Nov. 6-9, 2011 Gaylord Palms Resort
Kissimmee, FL. Booth #928


Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2011 Kentucky Expo Center Louisville, KY

If you're dealership is exhibiting at shows, be sure to put the information on so we can help out.


Priority One Welcomes Additional Employees

In the third quarter of 2011, Priority One was happy to add three new talented people to the team.

Jason Edwards

Business Manager

Jason Edwards

Stephen Jolles

Business Manager

Stephen Jolles

Tyler Swinehart

Junior Network Administrator

Tyler Swinehart





Congratulations Nicole Armstrong!

Nicole Armstrong was promoted from National Sales and Marketing Director to Vice President of Sales and Marketing on September 1, 2011. Great job, Nicole!

Congratulations Dan Ruskiewicz!

Baby Ruskiewicz

Dan and his wife had a baby girl on August 28th. Ashlynn Mackenzie Ruskiewicz weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. Isn't she cute?

F&I Insider


October 2011




Nada Logo

As you're probably aware, to determine values, or "book-out" a unit, most lenders require dealerships to use NADA's vehicle pricing guide. The guide offers a comprehensive spectrum of benchmark pricing data that consumers and professionals from various industries use to help buy, sell, trade or shop for vehicles including RVs, boats and engines.


Over the years, Priority One has received several requests from dealers who wanted a quicker, more convenient way to provide the book-out information when it's needed by a lender. We are pleased to announce that Priority One has arranged with NADA to allow you unlimited access to, the on-line pricing guide.


You can send your book-outs to Priority One two ways:


1. Wait until Priority One determines the lender needs a book-out and, at that time, Priority One will request that you send the book-out information.


2. QUICKER, PREFERRED WAY - Send your book-outs upfront with your credit application.


You'll see the benefits:

  • FREE. You're dealership will save a minimum of $175/year.
  • EASY, UNLIMITED ACCESS. To book-out units any time, log on to Priority One's Dealer Resource Center (DRC) at and click on the NADA tab.
  • FASTER APPROVAL PROCESS. Providing your NADA book-out information upfront, along with your credit application, will expedite the response time from your lenders.
  • ACCURATE DATA. You'll always have the most up-to-date, on-line pricing information; no chance of using outdated books.
  • NO SIGN-UP. As a Priority One partner, you are automatically signed up and all employees may access it.

Helpful NADA Hints:

  • Look for asterisks. This denotes what may already be included (options, trailers, motors, etc.).
  • For marine dealers: double check that the horsepower matches if the engine is included in the standard value. Sometimes what is standard may be a different horsepower.

Your business manager will be in contact with you for further details.




"Selling is your priority, financing is ours," is our tagline and while financing is our priority, our business managers do sell to your customers also. Our goal is to make money for your dealership so our business managers offer after-market products such as GAP, extended service contracts and other services to your customers, making sure not to jeopardize the sale of your unit.

ESCAs sales people, our business managers are trained on various closing techniques, and we thought you might find them helpful as well. These are from Brian Tracy's training program, "The Psychology of Selling: The Art of Closing Sales."

THE RELEVANT STORY CLOSE: We all make decisions with the right side of our brain, and the right side of our brain is stimulated by stories and pictures. Whenever you can tell a story about your product, you can stimulate the prospect to buy. People will remember a story about a product for years.

THE HOT BUTTON CLOSE: Is based on the fact that 80 percent of the buying decision is determined by 20 percent of the product features and benefits. It is up to you to find the hot button or the key benefit of your offering that the prospect wants more than anything else. You then push this hot button over and over again. Every time you mention the hot button, the prospect's desire to own your product goes up. (Remember, a wife's hot button can be very different than her husband's.

THE PUPPY DOG CLOSE: Any time you can give your prospect an opportunity to touch, taste, feel, smell or use the product, this is a puppy dog close. This method of selling gives people the chance to experience the product, and once they have tried it out and enjoyed the benefits, they buy it.


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Selling is your priority, financing is ours.