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Attention Citizens Bank and BB&T Dealers

Citizens Bank and BB&T's contracts will now be offered on the Dealer Resource Center (DRC). 



Rob Auer

Making His Move

Rob Auer


Rob Auer has moved to a new department within Priority One.  Previously Rob was a dealer account executive, responsible for bringing new dealer partners aboard.  As of April 1st, Rob moved to the operations department where he became a specialty finance business manager.  In his new role, Rob will help dealers move additional units by securing recreational loans for credit challenged consumers.  We all wish him good luck with his new endeavor.  Congratulations Rob!




New Employees

 are Welcomed at Priority One 


During the first quarter of 2011, three new employees joined Priority One's finance team. Please join us in welcoming them. 


Deb Phillips

Business Administator

Deb Phillips


Chuck Smith

Business Manager

Chuck Smith


Lance Huggett Business Manager

Lance Huggett



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Reduce Time on 

Loan Approvals. 

Please be sure your dealership uses the Priority One credit application and that your customers sign it.   By doing so, it will save time for your dealership and your customer.  Here's why:

Other applications do not ask the questions our lenders require, thus taking time to assemble the information separately.

Our data entry department is unfamiliar with other applications so it may delay the entry of the application into our system. 

 Priority One cannot legally pull a credit bureau without a signature on a Priority One application so having the signature from the beginning saves time going back to collect it.

There are two ways to forward customer signed Priority One credit applications to us:

1. Fax: 877-341-2777.

2.    Use the online FRC at for on-line leads and shows.

F&I Insider


April 2011





4 Benefits Your Insurance Partner Provides


Not all extended service contract programs are alike, and we are proud to feature XtraRide as the exclusive extended service contract program for RV dealerships and First Protection Corporation (FPC) for marine dealerships.  We chose Protective Life Corporation, who owns these companies, years ago for its core values of quality, serving people and growth, and continue as their partner for the many benefits they offer you and your customers.



Both programs are part of Protective Life Corporation, a company founded more than 100 years ago.   Protective, which has been RVDA endorsed for the last 19 years, is a vertically integrated company. This means that they provide everything: insurance, marketing and administrative capabilities that other companies do not, and with a proven history of their ability to withstand the ups and downs of the economy over the last century, it is unlikely that Protective will go out of business leaving your customers "high and dry" with no one to pay their claims.



Both XtraRide and FPC provide profit potential for your dealership and great benefits for your customers:

  • Protective offers a post sale program so an extended service agreement can be bought even AFTER the customer purchases his unit.  As customers come in for repairs, they have the opportunity to now purchase an extended service agreement for any future repairs. 
  • Customers will keep coming back to your dealership for the reduction they will receive on the deductible.  A customer's deductible will be reduced by $25 if he visits the dealer for service who originally sold him the unit.
  • XtraRide and FPC's extended service contract terms are longer (up to eight years) than a standard factory term which allows Priority One to sell the extended term at a reduced rate to your customers.
  • XtraRide offers customers purchasing a bankrupt manufacturer's line a one year contract to help dealers move these units.
  • XtraRide offers an optional "no chargeback" program.  As you're aware, this is a great benefit for dealers if your customer cancels his order for any reason.
  • XtraRide has a platinum coverage option that covers rubber seals (weather stripping) around appliances and other slide-outs, nuts and bolts and any size TV, just to name a few.  FPC reimburses parts at retail/MSRP pricing - not wholesale cost - and labor rates at shop posted costs.
  • In addition to the extensive mechanical coverage offered, FPC customers receive coupons for dockside assistance, towing and emergency travel expenses.



Making money for your dealership is important, of course, but Protective also focuses on delivering excellent  service to your customers.  Protective offers standard benefits: towing, service calls, food spoilage, room, board and rentals if the service bay is full, but then Protective ups the ante.  Unlike other insurance companies, Protective offers "feel good" services.  Did you know that Protective offers a concierge service that is available 24/7?  Your customers can call for information on golf courses, restaurants, shops, and anything else a hotel concierge might supply.  Also, in addition to travel expense reimbursement for your human family members, Protective offers up to $100 per occurrence for pet removal, transporting your pet and boarding expenses.


All these benefits to your customers will assist your dealership too.  Happy customers will increase your CSI score, increase your profits and increase repeat business at your dealership.



Protective makes it easy to work with them. They provide sales tools and marketing materials (posters, banners, hang tags, stickers, etc.) for your dealership to help you promote the product.  And for your customers, Protective has full-time Saturday claim hours, tech support service 24/7 by master certified techs, and on-line capabilities.


For more information on Protective's XtraRide and FPC programs, please contact your Priority One business manager at 1-800-747-6223.



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