I've been a Priority One partner for four years. In that time I've tried hard to find the down side to Priority One. I stayed up at night with pencil and paper looking for a flaw, and what I've come up with is there is not one. Instead they keep getting better and better. Just take the Forest River credit card. Man has this been a blessing. Customer wants a unit under $10,000 and wants a decent rate. The Forest River credit card comes to the rescue. Also, the credit card swipe fee is not near as high as the conventional credit card, thus making me more money. I cannot figure why ANY midsize or smaller dealership would not use Priority One. I can't tell you how much money Priority One has made our dealership. I hate to cut my testimonial short, but I have to ring up a camper for a customer who was able to get a great deal. Cha Ching.

— Robert Handy Jr. / Robert Handy Camping Center, Inc.

Ingman Marine recommends Priority One to small or large marine dealers. We have been partners with Priority One for about 15 years now and are extremely pleased with their professionalism and customer service. Customers are always treated with courtesy and respect. Even if they are unable to find a lender for someone they always leave them with a good feeling about the dealership. I always feel confident that if there is any way to find my clients a loan, Priority One will get the job done. The company is very well run and they are always very helpful to customers and dealerships alike.

— Gary / Ingman Marine

Priority One helps us keep control of costs. With an in-house F&I manager I wouldn’t be able to do that.

— Joe / Mt. Dora

We’ve been a Priority One customer for the past seven years, and I know we would have lost some deals without you as our F&I manager. Before we came on board with you, F&I was a real hassle for us. Now, my loan consultant can tell me right away if a deal can be done, and he realizes the main objective is to sell the boat.

— Sonny / Grand Lake Boat Sales

We outsource our financing and insurance needs with Priority One and we are very satisfied with the job they do for us. We’ve been outsourcing F&I for about two years and tried three different companies.

Our customers like working with Priority One; they write a lot of service contracts for us and the rates are very reasonable.

— Jim / Mashburn’s RV Center

One of the keys to being successful in a challenging economic environment is not to waste any opportunity with a customer. That’s where Priority One is most helpful.

— Justin / Copher's Boat Center

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